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It is an expressed intention of the Senior Leadership Team of Mr. Milling and Mr. Galligan to ensure that the school uniform is worn fully and properly each day by each student in Wilson's Hospital School

Points to note:

  • 1st Years, Prefects and Head Boy/Girl must wear their school blazer at all times
  • Only the official (blue) school rain jacket with crest is to be worn to and from school
  • No other jacket is acceptable and may be confiscated
  • Ties must be knotted properly, shirts buttoned, shoes polished, skirts at least to knee length

Uniform for boys:

  • Blue Shirt, School Tie
  • Grey Trousers
  • Grey School Pullover with Crest
  • Grey Socks
  • Polishable Black Shoes
    • the preference is for a strong black leather shoe in an Oxford style

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Uniform for girls:

  • Blue Shirt, School Tie
  • Tartan Skirt (which must be below the knee) or Black Trousers (not jeans or leggings)
  • Grey School Pullover with Crest
  • Black Tights (min 60 dernier) or grey knee-high socks
  • Polishable Black or Navy non-high-heel shoes.
    • the preference is for a strong black leather shoe in an Oxford style or a navy deck shoe (e.g. Dubarry's)

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For all students:

  • School Track Suit
  • School Rainwear Jacket
  • Blazer with Crest for Formal Occasions


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