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Boarding FAQs

Boarding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for Overseas Students

1. Where/when do I get my uniform?

You need to order the school uniform from Uniformity (1st and 2nd Year Students) or Shaw’s Department store (3rd - 6th Year) – details of this are in your acceptance email. The uniform can then be delivered by Uniformity or Shaws to the school in August, so it will be here for your child’s arrival. Their email is mullingar@shaws.ie

PE/Sports uniform is ordered from Uniformity only. Should you have any questions in relation to PE uniform please contact cdraper@whs.ie

2. Where/when do I get my books?

If you complete the ‘book rental scheme’ with the school – all books will be given to the student in the first week of school. Mrs. Mary Kenny is in charge of the book rental scheme and can be contacted on mkenny@whs.ie

3. Can I arrive early with my child to look at the school?

Please only arrive within the designated hours/time given to you for your arrival day. All other visits to the school must be made by appointment only.

4. Do I need bed sheets?

We can provide duvets and pillows for our Overseas students but many students like to buy their own sheets when they arrive in Ireland so they can personalise their area. We would suggest having at least 2 sets of bedsheets. The nearby town of Mullingar has a ‘Primark’ shop which many students visit on the day of arriving to buy some personal items (towels, sheets, hygiene products) that they couldn’t fit in their suitcase.

5. Can I help my child settle into their dorms?

We encourage students to unpack together as this gives them a good opportunity to meet their new peers on the first day and it also gives them the sense of responsibility they will need going forward. However, we do understand it can be a nerving time especially for our young 1st years, so parents of 1st years may accompany their child if they wish. (Covid restrictions may apply)

6. Can I buy supplies when I get to Ireland?

Yes. As mentioned above – Many students visit Mullingar the day they arrive to buy some products rather than packing them in their suitcase while flying. Some suitable shops can be found at the addresses below:

  • Fairgreen Shopping Centre, Grand Parade, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, N91 FK5Y
  • Harbour Place Shopping Centre, Harbour street, Mullingar, Co Westmeath, N91 FP76

7. Can my child bring a tablet or laptop?

Your child can bring a tablet or laptop but it is not necessary in any way. It will also be their full responsibility to keep it safe. We will accept no responsibility for loss or damage to such items. Students can have access to computers within the school if/when they need to.

8. Does my child need an Irish sim card/phone?

Again this is not necessary. Most students avail of free social platforms like WhatsApp for communication which does not require you to have an Irish number.

9. When can I contact my child?

Students do not have access to their phones during the school day or for the evening study period. They will have access to their phones in the morning before 9am and then again from 4pm -6:30pm (Irish time) If you need to contact your child urgently please contact the school directly on 00353 44 71115

10. There is something wrong with my uniform order?

Please contact Uniformity or Shaws Department store direct for any issues with uniforms.

Their email is mullingar@shaws.ie and their phone number is 00353 44 93 34585

11. What subjects can my child choose?

Some subjects are offered on a first come first served basis and are not guaranteed. Please note some subject choices may have full classes already from current students. In the case where a class is full we will offer the student an alternative class. You will receive a list of subject choices before commencing the school year.

12. What extra-curricular activities should my child choose?

Students can try out the different sports/activities when they arrive and decide which they prefer. A choice does NOT need to be made before they arrive.

13. What should I pack?

Please see FAQ section with what to bring/not bring.

14.What if my child needs something from the shop?

In the case your child needs something, they just need to inform a member of duty staff. We will arrange to bring them to the shops or get the items for them. Also at the weekends students usually have the opportunity to go to the shops.

15. Can I send money to my child?

No. From September 2024, the Accounts Office will no longer handle cash for students for security reasons. All parents are asked to send money to their child via Revolut, N26 or another similar service.

16. Who should I contact?

Contact List

Please check the contact list in the link above for the relevant staff member for your query.

17. Where will my child put their passport?

Mrs. Harvey (International Student Co-ordinator) can keep all passports safe for students and return them the evening before they fly home. Some students wish to leave their passports with their host families - eharvey@whs.ie

18. What are the collection and drop off times?

Friday evening collection is strictly from 3:45pm to 4:45pm. Sunday evening drop off is strictly between 5:30pm and 8:30pm. Please adhere to these times.

19. When should I book flights for my child to come home/return to school?

Please follow all guidelines as stated on the school calendar. The last day of term a free bus service will transport students to Dublin airport at 6:30am so please book flights for 9:30am onwards. Collection from the airport will be on the day before each new term and flights are expected to land between 1pm and no later than 8:00pm. If you book flights for outside of these times you will be expected to arrange private transport for your child to/from the airport. We can cater for this at a cost of €150 per person transfer.

20. What happens if my child gets Covid while at school?

Students will be expected to follow the current government and health guidelines. Currently this means self-isolating for 3 days depending on vaccination status – which will be completed in the host family environment.

21. My child has medication/medical condition – What should we do?

It is very important you complete the medical form attached in your acceptance email. Please also send copies of any prescriptions (preferably in English) that your child may need. You should also clearly label all medication with the student’s name and dose. If you need to contact the school nurse to explain anything please email her on nursing@whs.ie

22. What if my child needs to attend hospital?

We of course will inform you immediately and accompany the student to the hospital. We advise all students to have European Health Insurance Cards which should cover them in the case where they need to attend a hospital.

23. My child is worried about something – who can I contact?

Mrs Harvey (eharvey@whs.ie) is there to support all overseas students if they have any issues. Encourage your child to speak up and talk to her or any other member of staff if they are worried about something and we will ensure the issue is addressed.

24. Can my child do laundry?

Yes. Laundry occurs weekly and all new students will be shown where and when to bring their laundry. Please ensure that ALL items of clothes are labelled with the student’s name.

25. Can my child leave the school?

If your child needs to leave the school for any reason, this needs to be clarified via email with staff. Please state where and when your child intends to go and return and with whom?

Please inform: eharvey@whs.ie , reception@whs.ie and the student's Boarding head – rsweeney@whs.ie for the boys and emulvanney@whs.ie for girls.

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