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Forbairt 2023/24

Foarbairt 23/24

Forbairt Components

Peer Collaboration
Our, Forbairt Programme for 2023-2024, is designed to foster collective practice and enhance professional development among our teaching staff. This initiative falls under Domain 4 of the LOAS 2022, specifically "Teachers’ Collective/Collaborative Practice."
Objective: Our aim is to create a culture of constructive collaboration, emphasising both the improvement of student learning and the enhancement of your own professional growth. This aligns seamlessly with the Standard outlined in LOAS 2022, where "Teacher's value and engage in professional learning and professional collaboration."
Highly Effective Practice: We believe that effective collaboration is a key driver of success. Highly effective practice, as outlined in the standard, involves viewing collaboration not only as a means to improve student learning but also as a pathway to personal and professional enhancement. As a staff, we will engage in constructive collaborative practices and conduct collaborative reviews of our teaching methodologies.
What to Expect:
Peer Collaboration: Our Peer Collaboration Program will include peer observations where teachers will have the opportunity to both observe and be observed by their colleagues.
Focused Professional Development: The programme is structured to allow for targeted professional development, emphasising any chosen areas of focus and growth.
Open Dialogue: We encourage open dialogue and constructive feedback, creating an environment where collaboration is a shared endeavour and that it becomes part of the teaching and learning culture in Wilson’s.
Launch Date: The official launch of the Peer Collaboration Programme will take place on December 6th, 2023. We are confident that this initiative will not only strengthen our collaborative spirit but also contribute significantly to the continuous improvement of our teaching and learning practices in the school

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