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Admissions (2024/25)

Admissions (2023/24)
Admissions (2024/25)
Order of Criteria of Admissions to Form 1 (1st Year)

In Form 1 there are places available for 25 boarder boys, 25 boarder girls and 60 day students. Allocation of boarding and day places will be processed separately. The number of boarder boys and boarder girls accepted each year will be subject to the limitation of availability of gender specific accommodation. Where there are more applicants than places available, the following order and sequence for offer of places will apply in each case:

  1. Children of a minority religion of a Protestant denomination in the reformed tradition. Evidence of affiliation must be produced with application. (A letter from a Cleric/Pastor/Minister or Baptismal Certificate)
  2. Children who are siblings of a student attending or having fully completed their education at Wilson’s Hospital School.
  3. Children of a parent or grandparent who previously attended the school subject to a maximum number of these places being filled, pursuant to this criterion not exceeding 25%.
  4. Children one of whose parents/guardians is an employee of the school.
  5. Children who have attended a school under Protestant Management for at least 3 years.
  6. Day students who reside within 8 km of the School.

Important Documentation and Policies:

Read our Admissions Policy (2024/25) and other documentation in full for further details:

Application Forms for 2024/2025 Entry

Applications open: 16th October Applications close: 6th November

Application Form First Year 2024/2025

Student Transfer Information Form:

This form must be sent to the student's current secondary school and returned to our school office if a student is seeking to transfer to Wilson's Hospital School from another secondary school.

Student Transfer Information Form

Application Forms for 2023/4 Entry

Not to be used for pupils currently in 6th class

Application Form 2023-24 (Form 1 LATE) - Irish

Application Form 2023-24 (Form 2 - 6) - Irish

Application Form 2024-25 (EU and International)


Admissions Policy (2024/2025)

Admissions Policy (2024/2025-Forms 2 to 6 inclusive)

Waiting List Policy (2024/2025)

Annual Admissions Notice (2024/2025)

Admission to Special Class Policy (2024/2025)

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